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New to Buckvape is our exclusive hardware group buys,  exclusive deals  and used hardware buy and sell.

Group Buys

When I cone across awesome deals I will make a pre purchase of a set amount.   
Unlike most you do not have to wait until it is fully sold until the product ships.   These will be such excellent value that if they do not all sell i will simply put it into the used buy and sell section  or keep it for myself.  These items are sourced from several different local and international suppliers.   Your purchase will ship direct to you from the supplier so no extremely long waits.   I have done several test buys from each supplier and most items arrive in 5-10 business days.   Shipping cost is included in all of these items.    P

Exclusive Deals

I will be listing items in here as they become available.   This will be more unique mid to high end stuff that is available at an every day low price.  

These items also ship direct from my supplier to you.  Expect 5 to 10  business days for delivery.

Used Hardware Buy, Sell & Trade.

This Section will be mid to high end used items that will ship direct from the seller to the buyer.    In order to list on here you will have to download the pdf agreement form.


How it works    When a seller lists an item he must send the completed form along with several high quality pictures of the item.    I then list on the site for the  agreed price.    When the items sells, the seller is responsible for shipping the item direct to the  buyer.   You will receive an email with the pre paid pdf shipping label so all you have to do is stick it on the box and drop it off.  Once the buyer receives the item in the described condition we will then release  the sale price minus the agreed upon sellers fee .

For more info please download the pdf agreement form.   Please check out the existing adds and make sure when you send items to be listed you do at least one photo with your name and current date and the items approximate condition.  Your name will be blurred out when posted  its just to ensure the item is legit.


Consignment Agreement & Posting Instructions

Consignment Agreement (pdf)


Consignment Agreement (docx)


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Buckvape has been scaled back and on this site we will mainly be featuring our own brands and a small selection of hardware, accessories and overstock of brand name ejuice.


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We will be bringing back our Main Stage Line with some changes as well as some new over stock and sales of big brand names.


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Please visit our friends at Buildabox,  Canada's first fully custom vape box / subscription service.  Email for a promo code for buildabox


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